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tonsil stones

The body needs food for two purposes: as a fuel for energy supply and to restore the body tissue .With was no fuel is supplied to the body in the form of food, he would digest itself.

These are the four elements required for the rehabilitation of the body and its construction:

Nitrogen or protein foods, carbohydrates, fats, minerals.

These elements are larger relationship tissues of plants than animals.

We can find proteins in nuts, peas, beans, milk and cheese.

We can produce carbohydrates from wheat, oat, rice, cereals and potatoes.

Fats are found in almost all the protein and fat foods (olive oil, soy, canola and corn)

Minerals such as iron, potassium, sulfur, and magnesium are found mostly in the kingdom’s main reason .A break  was complimentary organic fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables also help save this vital basic vitamins. They can save transfer capacity for carbon dioxide to the lungs for expulsion from the system. The can also help get rid of hemorrhoids very quickly and without any side effects.

Important sources of vitamins in the diet are fruits and vegetables.

Are primarily lettuce, spinach, cabbage and tomatoes, a, b, c vitamins

Vitamin C is found only in fruits, green leafy vegetables and with a certain degree of fresh milk. Milk is one of the best ways to cure tonsil stones.

Whole Foods was originally created by the plant kingdom, which absorbs and stores the energy of The body . The vitamins in meat is surplus untapped reservoir by a  specialist. The animal eats the flesh of the other, it receives processed plant foods secondhand from the second part of the meat, since plant foods is the primary source of energy of the animals.

All meat dishes, as they are usually consumed by man, they are very non-ears and contain excessive amounts of protein, while they are almost completely lacking calcium and vitamins which accelerate the growth and which are the vegetable kingdom.

Rotting meat fastest of all food ingredients. Even food rotting eggs, to not milk or vegetables well, which moldy or missing, a harmless process so as decay motion. The body releases most dangerous toxins that can cause many diseases such as problems Blood pressure digestion and high. It is also a direct link between cancer spread quickly in their meat consumption increases compared to the United predominantly vegetarian.

Why meat-eaters are more vulnerable to these diseases? Biologists answer: The human body is simply not suitable for eating meat. Intestinal tract of carnivores is relatively short (three times the animal’s body), to enable more rapid emission of toxins generated rapid rot of flesh in the body. Because the plant food is broken down and rotting much slower, the intestinal tract of Herbivores is 12 times their body and allows the slow absorption of plant foods. So is the human digestive tube. As a result, toxins that accumulate in the body of flesh decay many are absorbing capacity of the kidneys, and thus can cause arthritis, rheumatism, and even cancer. Also, beef stomach digestive stomach acid needed very strong. However, stomach acids we see animals eat plants and man are twenty times weaker than those of a predatory animal.
And what about protein? Dairy products, grains, beans, lentils and nuts are all concentrated source of protein. Scientists now also prove that most vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals are a great source of complete protein (which contains the eight essential amine acids that are produced by the body itself). The amount of protein too much, however only weakens the body. Many studies have shown that physical fitness of vegetarians exceed twice the ability of carnivores, their capacity greater persistence, and their recovery effort five times faster.

Yoga philosophy talks about that because we do not have the power to restore life, and certainly we do not have the right to act Lhrog.lcl reaction is all a good thing or a bad yielding good fruit or vegetables.

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